10 Ways to Rest And Why It’s Important

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So summer is slowly fading but fear not, we have the perfect top tips to keep your wellbeing in check! After posting on our instagram, earlier this month, about the different types of rest (Click HERE to check it out), we thought it would only be appropriate to share with you some of our top tips.

Living in the city can often feel like your running at 1000 miles per hour with no breaks. In society as a whole, ‘rest days’ are deemed luxurious or indulgent because trying to keep up at such a high pace, we can often feel guilty for taking a step back and giving ourselves the time to reflect.

Just acknowledging small moments in our day to day lives, to rest and heal, can overall benefit us long term. Having the ability to recharge your energy, will allow you to build better relationships and prioritise commitments far better than you ever have.

A well rested soul, is a joyfully productive soul! 

Now, at some point in our lives we have all found ourselves using the ever famous saying ‘but I have NO TIME’ That may feel like the case, yet we are all lying to ourselves. In fact it's not that we don't have any time, it's that we have not prioritised our time efficiently. In stressful situations, it can often be seen that everything gets on top of you like a domino crashing effect. This doesn't have to be the case because when resting often, your mind becomes stronger meaning you are able to cope better when faced with difficult situations. So why wouldn’t you invest the time into your wellbeing when the outcomes are all so positive and beneficial?

Check out some of our favorite ways to rest below.

1. Naping
Studies have shown that napping once studying, has been proven to show the information retains for longer. This can be very beneficial, especially if you are a student. Just remember napping is not a full sleep, they should only last for max 20mins!

2. ½ hour walk
Being outside with nature and fresh air (even city air) is so good to be with your thoughts and place yourself in the present. We should all be aiming to walk 10,000 steps a day to keep our blood flowing nicely.

3. 8 hours of sleep
This links back to the napping but instead it’s making sure you get 8 hours of QUALITY sleep time. To achieve this, you should try to not be in front of any screen at least an hour before you go to bed. Start slowly and gradually build it up if you find that easier.

4. Stretch for 20mins
Stretching is so beneficial. It puts you in the present and makes you feel grounded with your body. Not only that, it is a gentle but high impact exercise which is great because we are not designed to make our bodies suffer. By this I mean pushing our limits by performing 7 days a week in a gym. Yes we all need to stay active but by listening to our own bodies and not forcing ourselves to outside pressures will be most effective.

5. Massage
Treating yourself to a massage, either by a loved one or a professional, can work wonders for our wellbeing. Not only does it increase blood flow, it can also pinpoint stress points, many hold tension in their shoulders leading to painful knots. 

Photo:  @adamjk

Photo: @adamjk

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6. Breathing exercises
Similar to stretching, breathing is a simple exercise that can be performed anywhere at anytime. This can also be a very good way to unwind before bed because it puts you into a calm scene of mind, which helps your body to relax meaning a quicker time falling asleep and better quality of sleep. Win win!

7. Say no to plans
It’s always okay to say no to social arrangements, if you feel like you need to take that time to rest. Too often it is shown that more people put stress on their already busy lives, to constantly please others. By using the phrases ‘I HAVE to do this…’ ‘I HAVE to see this person…’ drains you mentally, which eventually put a negative connotation with social events as a whole because you would see them as a chore instead of fun. Instead make it a positive experience by manifesting the quality time you spend with that person and building relationships. If they are truly your friends and loved ones, they would understand if you need to cancel to rest because you are not doing it out of spite.

8. Journal
Journaling is a great way to release any built up tension you may have been feeling. It’s beneficial to write down your thoughts to express your emotions instead of keeping them bottled up. If you want to go the extra mile, write a list in the morning of what you want to achieve and reflect in an evening of what happened through that day.

9. Read
Reading is powerful. It expands our knowledge and vocabulary while also benefiting our creativity. Try to read at least a chapter of a book a day. It is another great way to unwind before bed too!

10. Baths  

Last but not least, baths! If you prefer a shower that's fine, but like having a massage, hot baths can relax muscle tension built up by stress. Try reading a book or listening to a new podcast while in the bath. For ultimate relaxation, treat yourself to a moisturising bath bomb or bubble bath!

These types of steps are essential for helping build a stronger body and mind. By manifesting with a positive mind and outlook, can reduce: aches and pains built up from physically being tense and leading to one of the causes of bad gut health. Now we all know the gut is a second brain, so keeping that happy and healthy is vital!

Arrivederci, Ashton Wallis x

(Leafage Team)

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